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The Best Gold IRA Companies to Invest With

Updated May 17, 2017

Finding a reputable Gold IRA company that has great service is no easy task.

We’ve scoured the internet for reviews of the best gold ira companies online and want to share our findings with you below.

Please note: we’re not financial advisors and this should NOT be taken as financial advice.

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How 10 Minutes Can Save Your Retirement

This is a post that’s on the longer side – but doing your research in this area is extremely important.

If you’re looking to secure your retirement by investing in gold or rolling over your IRA or 401(k) into physical gold bullion, you don’t want to leave it to amateurs.

This is not something to choose on a whim – some financial companies that deal with physical gold and retirement accounts have been accused of fraud in the past.

That’s why taking the 10 minutes to read this entire post is a GREAT idea.

Our Gold IRA Custodian Rating Criteria

We considered a number of factors when deciding which company to name as the top provider.

These include:

  • the company’s reputation,
  • minimum investment,
  • service fees,
  • history and current policies,
  • service quality and flexibility
  • storage options.

Another thing we thought right to consider is the scope of involvement the IRA provider has.

Some precious metals companies will handle everything – from securing your metals to providing storage of your purchased gold bullion/coin. But some may just sell you the metal and end the relationship there

3 Golden Options for You to Choose From

#1 – Our Top Pick

Regal Assets ReviewRegal Assets – http://www.regalassets.com/

Total Annual Fees:

  • First Year Free
  • $250 / year flat rate thereafter
  • $5000 minimum investment required

>> Visit The Regal Assets Website <<

Regal Assets is a great company that has stellar ratings all across the board from multiple rating agencies. They also claim to have a 99.9% satisfaction rate of past clients and were also named on INC. Magazine’s Top 500 list (they were #20!).


  • Fees: First year free + low annual fee
  • Several US + Offshore Storage Options
  • Empathetic Customer Service – No Pushy Sales People
  • Provide High Level of Customer Education
  • Live Phone Support + Online Chat Support
  • 7 Day Shipping Guarantee
  • Gold Buy Back Option with 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Bonus: They Show You Live Video of Your Gold Arriving!



  • $5000 minimum investment (but it’s less than some companies)
  • Cannot Purchase Gold Directly Online (Must Call First – but you can create an account online)
  • Website can load slowly at times
  • Company blog usually only updated weekly

Why They’re Our Favorite

It was a tough choice between our Top 3 picks, but Regal Assets came in 1st. The company’s been featured everywhere – from Forbes, to INC, to Marketwire and beyond. They are also officially listed with the US Mint.

They top our list because of the high number of glowing customer reviews, competitive pricing, low minimums/fees and their stellar customer service. They’re also endorsed by Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham and more.

Storage & Ownership

You don’t have to use Regal Assets for a gold ira rollover of your retirement account. You can also buy physical gold through them outside of your retirement account. They offer a free gold investment kit with all the information you need to get started.

In terms of storage, they allow you to choose whatever private depository you’d like. Once you buy the gold through them, you OWN it and can take possession of it at any time.

Customer Service & Education

Another reason we chose Regal Assets as our top pick for Gold IRA company is the amount of education and information they’re willing to offer people.

They want you to make an informed decision and be 100% sure they’re the right choice for you.

That’s why they offer the following resources absolutely free. Request one today using the links below.

Quick Note

We did find a RipOffReport entry for the company in our research, but after digging deeper we learned it was actually a competitor trying to tarnish the company’s reputation. The person that filed the report – William S. – apparently doesn’t exist and Regal Assets has no records of ever dealing with such a person.

You can also read our full regal assets review to see if they’re the right company for you.

Gold IRA Company ReviewsOur Runner Ups

#2 – LEXI Capital – http://www.lexicapital.com/

  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+ (0 complaints)
  • Business Consumer Alliance Rating: AA (0 complaints)
  • TrustLink Rating: 5/5 Stars (3 reviews)

Total Annual Fees:

  • $250 / year flat rate

Lexi Capital was started by former UCLA students who studied the housing and credit markets. Their graduation project was a business plan that resulted in the company itself. They have a number of key services based on the precious metals industry.

Why They Didn’t Make #1

Although Lexi is a known company, they just didn’t have enough positive feedback about them we could find during our research. They have a pretty good annual fee, but since Regal Assets offers the first year free they couldn’t get our Top Spot. They also only have an AA rating compared to Regal’s AAA.


#3 – Cornerstone Bullion – http://www.cornerstonebullion.com/

  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+ (0 complaints)
  • Business Consumer Alliance Rating: AA (0 complaints)
  • TrustLink Rating: 5/5 Stars (3 reviews)

Total Annual Fees:

  • $200 / year

Cornerstone Bullion specializes in the sale of precious metals in the form of coins and bars and is a sister-company of Cornerstone Capital Investment Inc. The company was founded in 2008 and has sold over $100 million worth of precious metals.

Why They Didn’t Make The Top Pick

Cornerstone Bullion is another company known in the Gold world. Again, they just didn’t have the same clout as Regal Assets showed during our research. Even though their annual fee is lower than Regal Assets’ they only have a AA BCA rating instead of Regal’s AAA.


Choosing a Gold Investment Company

Gold Individual Retirement Accounts

In the rest of this article we’ll discuss Gold Individual Retirement Accounts, their use and how you can get started.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

In a nutshell, a gold individual retirement account is the only type of account that allows you to invest in physical precious metals as part of your retirement fund. It’s very beneficial because, as you know, precious metals are a great hedge against inflation and they are a fantastic way to even out and diversify your portfolio.

Typically, while stocks go down in value during times of economic turmoil – like we are facing right now – gold and precious metals investments typically tend to rise during this trying time.

The Basics

An Individual Retirement Arrangement (often confused w/ the word “Account”) is an account for retirement living that enables the retired person to benefit from tax advantages provided by the American government while being able to build up financial savings at the same time.Gold bar in hand

Back in the day, people can only make investments according to paper assets when it comes to an IRA. An IRA is an account for retirement that enables the retiree to profit through tax incentives established by the US government while being able to accumulate financial savings at the same time.


Times Change – Buying Gold Bullion

In past times, different sorts of ventures that weren’t as paper coin weren’t perceived. Doing this prompted the exclusion of the retiree from all the expense points of interest in his store. The venture business has progressed altogether since that time. Nowadays, individuals can make investments with the help of Gold IRA Companies online.

Such gold IRA suppliers have offices that offer administrations for individuals to utilize gold or silver as resources inside what they could call their own Individual Retirement Arrangements.

On account of this, there are still a few limitations about what people can put resources into. The gold IRA suppliers can just accept bars or coins which add up to 99.9% in value or more.

How This All Works

IRA Company ChoicesThe main decision is known as an exchange. For this situation, the exchange can be done whenever with a current Individual Retirement Account, if the stores will go from overseer to caretaker.

Basically, the past gold IRA director’s weight ought to be composed for the sake of the administrator of the new gold IRA who might be the beneficiary of the stores.

The other decision is known as a rollover. The gold Individual Retirement Account rollover happens once the client gets the trusts from the current IRA and after that re-stores this cash in another retirement account.

For this situation, the customer needs to re-store his own particular record to the new IRA in a compass of 60 days.

But in the event that the customer can stick to the 2-month stipend, expenses would be connected and punishments would be charged on the measure of cash that the customer has taken out.

The gold IRA rollover can be completed with literally the same cash just once in one year keeping in mind the end goal to keep up the status of the retirement finance as conceded from duties.


What Kind of Gold?

Samples of the allowed coins and bars incorporate the American Buffalo, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Nugget. The customers would be the ones responsible for charges for the care, upkeep, and safe stockpiling of the gold. Such capacity would be held by the store all through the length of the customers’ IRA period.

For the reason that gold is truly a colossal support versus cash cheapening, political clashes and national debt obligations, numerous customers utilize this and begin contributing utilizing their own particular IRAs.

Gold Individual Retirement Arrangement contributions grant customers the likelihood of being given help by the gold IRA suppliers in making a stable money related establishment all throughout retirement.

Essential Components

Gold IRAThe most essential component of this strategy includes productive speculation and making sure an IRA is sufficiently diversified.

Along these lines, you should verify the right harmony in the middle of gold and silver, stocks and Compact circles.

Despite the fact that numerous individuals decide to take only one course, the thought should be to handle your IRA to guarantee that you have an equivalent level of safe development notwithstanding more prominent benefits.

Store declarations offer that sheltered development, which can’t be conceivable with more dangerous alternatives like stocks. A gold individual retirement stockpiling can give additional aspect of security and increases inside your speculation portfolio.

Gold in Your IRA

Gold incorporates a novel trademark it keeps up its value. This is a crucial feature of Gold individual retirement . Regardless of the way that it may change in accordance with the distinctive aspects of the market, the truth of the matter is that this uncommon metal incorporates a specific farthest point to which its value can’t ever drop.

Setup IRA with GoldThis makes it much more secure when contrasted with the most well known stocks, albeit empowering individuals to relish incredible benefits particularly all throughout retirement age. A gold-financed IRA is henceforth most suitable and a more secure sort of retirement system that individuals can take part in than others.

You can start exchanging gold after you find a dependable firm to use. Regardless of whether it’s a real “brick-and-mortar” or online business, exchanging gold is one strategy to gain enduring end benefits, due to the evergreen state of gold.

To look for an association to join, make certain they have heaps of experience in this area and a proved track record. As part of this track record, they need to have offered and fulfilled numerous customer accounts.



For the most part, a Gold individual retirement won’t convey any expense impacts. It’s not certain what the tax impacts are of this strategy, but it is something we’ll go into in our blog. It seems to be a very safe, economic and efficient bet.

Furthermore, individuals will bring about no punishments if this includes charge commitments. Regardless of the way that you might currently hold gold in your portfolio, you can without much of a stretch convert it into a Gold IRA, keeping in mind the end goal is to maintain a strategic distance from any risky behaviors.

A hefty portion of the costs are foregone when the setup charges are low and the operation is simple. Many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that it may be ok to have multiple IRAs so they end up losing out on further potential outcomes.