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Like many, you’re probably here because you’re uncertain about the future of the US (and global) economy. Believe me, we all are.

Everyone from banks to big-dog investors and even governments consider gold, silver and other precious metals an important part of a well-diversified portfolio.

But how can you, as an individual, take advantage of the benefits of precious metals investing?

Many people say the answer is the most efficient (and some say safest) option available – converting your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) into a physical gold-backed IRA.

And on this site, we’ll provide you with the news and views that matter to help you learn more about the best options available to you.

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Why Choosing Gold Makes Sense

Gold Price Chart
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Let me ask you this – if you had a time-lock safe that you couldn’t open for 10 years, would you rather have cash in it or gold?

Anyone who knows how currencies and paper-money works would, obviously, say GOLD.

And the reason is clear – gold as a store of value stands the test of time (and economic cycles).

It’s the only absolute way to protect yourself (and your fortune) from run-away inflation, which keeps increasing the cost of a comfortable retirement, year after year.

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Gold vs. Paper Currency

Gold is also in limited supply – meaning once all of it is mined, there’s no more gold that can be produced – making it a strong, valuable, sought-after and extremely liquid asset.

The US Dollar, on the other-hand, can be printed by the Federal Reserve Bank in unlimited supply. And that’s why the value of the Dollar has fallen almost 97% since the introduction of the Fed system of monetary and fiscal policy.

Gold Vs. PaperThe value of gold always remains the same, relative to whatever currency you’re comparing it to.

And that’s what makes gold (and other precious metals) such an amazing investment tool for your personal portfolio.

Gold vs. Paper Investments

Now what about paper investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds? Well, anything that is paper-based will be vulnerable to the effects of inflation and hyper-inflation.

And economic crashes… Remember 2008?

Oh… what about treasury notes? Nope – these are fixed-price assets, meaning if inflation moves faster than the return you’re getting, you’re out of luck.

Why a Gold IRA?

Gold IRANo doubt, there are more than a few ways up the mountain. You can invest in gold mining stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and more. There are a lot of ways to “invest in gold.”

But that’s not the point. It’s always a good idea to own, not simply “invest.” We truly feel that owning gold is a reliable, efficient safety net for uncertain economic and political times.

And the best, easiest and safest way to own gold is through a physical gold-backed IRA from a company like Regal Assets. It’s also tax-free and handled by an accredited custodian that ensures you get investment-grade gold that meets IRS standards.

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We speak more about the benefits of physical gold vs. paper gold investments throughout this site if you’d like to learn more.

How to Buy or Invest in a Gold IRA

When it comes to a gold IRA rollover for your investment account, there are a lot of options available online and offline.

Check out this video to learn more.

US Retirement Accounts ChartDoes Your Retirement Account Allow Gold?

The first question you must ask yourself is “Does my retirement account allow physical gold?”

You may be surprised to know that not every type of retirement account will allow you to rollover a portion of it to physical gold. Some will only allow paper investments of gold, not physical bullion.

But don’t worry, MOST should be able to. There may be some limitations and differences in flexibilty, however, depending on your account type.

Of course, a self-directed IRA gives you the most flexibility and will allow you to invest as much physical gold as you’d like.

You can learn more about the various retirement plans and how they relate to gold and gold IRAs on this site.

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How Much of Your Portfolio Should You Dedicate to Gold?

This is a debatable point, and the real answer largely depends on you and your comfort level. Most financial analysts tend to say 5-10% of your total retirement portfolio should be dedicated to precious metals (we, of course, prefer gold!).

APMEX, Inc. – the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals – recommends 5-30% depending on your level of risk and faith in the dollar/economy.

What About Other Precious Metals IRAs?

Investing in Precious MetalsIf you’re investing a large amount (like $50,000+), it may be wise to diversify the types of metals you’re investing in. Including gold, silver, platinum and palladium are good choices.

However, if you’re only spending a few thousand dollars, it may make sense to focus on a single precious metal for your IRA.

Of course, if that is the case, we’d prefer gold. This, of course, is totally a personal decision but focusing on a single metal for smaller investments is a common strategy.

How Can I Trust You?

Let’s be honest, you can’t trust anybody nowadays. This is the internet, after-all, and we’ve just met.

Nest, Egg Golden RetirementBut you can trust in the fact that at TheGoldIRABuyersGuide.com, we’re not selling doom and gloom and we’re also not touting overnight riches and flagrant lifestyles.

There’s no room for that in sound financial planning. And even though we’re not financial experts, analysts or advisors of any sort, we want to make wise investment decisions and help others down the same path if we can.

We’re simply giving you the options and the information. And right now, we feel physical gold and other precious metals have stood the test of time and make sense.

And we’d like to share why.

So download your free guide below, soak up some information, and be sure to talk to a certified professional financial advisor before making any decisions.

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