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Goldco Direct LLC Reviews - Best Rated Gold IRA Company

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Goldco - Why are they the best?

Goldco Is A Verified Company

Goldco is highly recommended by top gold company IRA investment experts for a variety of reasons. It is an established gold IRA investment company. It has an A+ rating from the BBB and an AAA rating from the Business Consumers League. This company has been a strong player in the industry for many years.

In contrast to competitors who would hard-sell (and we do mean HARD-sell) a certain investment, Goldco demonstrated a real dedication to customer care by being patient and taking the time to figure out what was most appropriate for each of our mystery shoppers' individual circumstances.

Our team saw that Goldco frequently advised against the investments that other bullion dealers were pushing. In one occasion, Goldco even cautioned our undercover reporter that precious metals would not be a good fit for their needs.

Everyone we spoke to was extremely knowledgeable about precious metals and a fervent advocate for them, investing heavily in the metals themselves, which is always a good sign. However, what truly stuck out about the brokers we spoke with was their underlying honesty and want to help. They all had fairly distinct professional skill sets and came from various industrial backgrounds.

Goldco Has Helped Thousands  Of Clients

Investing With Goldco

This is a company you can invest in with confidence knowing that your retirement fund is protected by a reliable company. Goldco is committed to protecting your wealth and providing you with quality service.

Goldco specializes in precious metal IRAs. These autonomous IRAs use gold, silver, and other types of precious metals. With this investing choice, you may diversify your holdings and protect yourself against stock market crashes.

Your investment in silver and gold IRAs can potentially help protect your savings even if the market falls. Precious metals have been popular investments since ancient times. In the long run, the value of gold has been rising. It is the most trusted and well-known investment option in the world. In fact, when the economy declines, typically the price of gold rises.

Goldco Office

Demand for gold and silver will continue to increase, not only from investors and the jewelry industry, but also from manufacturing. Gold and silver are widely used to make electronics and some other products. Demand for new products and electronics will continue to increase.

When you decide to sell your holdings, you will have no difficulty selling your gold at a later date. If you sell the asset after a few years, you can possibly or typically get more than what you paid for the gold.

Sean Hannity gold

Goldco has a simplified process to quickly set up. A self-directed IRA can be established with minimal effort using gold or other precious metals.

Visit the Goldco website to use it to open your Gold IRA investment account. Fill out and submit the application form on site. Choose the financing option that works best for you. Funds can be transferred to the new account at this stage.

After this transfer process is complete, you are free to choose your favorite precious metal for your IRA. Goldco offers gold bars and coins that you can use to fund your gold IRA. Products sold by Goldco are IRS compliant. The gold products sold here meet the IRS 99.5% purity requirement.

The company offers precious metals IRAs. Both options offer nearly the same benefits. These options are highly recommended as they protect your investments and keep your portfolio diversified. Silver also remains in strong demand globally, making it an excellent investment option.

It's also less expensive compared to gold, so you can buy more. Your choice of precious metals IRA can include gold and silver coins or bars. The IRS requires silver to be 99.99% pure. Goldco's IRA silver products meet this requirement.

Goldco can not only help you build new precious metals IRAs, but also convert current IRAs into gold or silver IRAs. It's possible to roll over with a different retirement account, so you can start a new IRA easily and quickly. If your account is eligible for a precious metal IRA, it will be set up quickly with the help of the Goldco team.

Both Goldco's gold IRAs and silver IRAs offer the same tax benefits as traditional IRAs. Individuals over the age of 50 must contribute $7,000 per year. Those under that age can contribute $6,000 per year to their account. Investors over the age of 59 1/2 can withdraw their funds without penalty.

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA with Goldco

Customers can open a precious metals IRA by calling Goldco directly or applying online. Any investment account will require you to supply a Social Security number and other identifying information.

Goldco will provide you a detailed handbook outlining suitable precious metals investments via mail or email. After considering your alternatives, you can seek assistance choosing the right gold or silver for your IRA.


Easily set up a precious metal IRA and get Goldco's excellent customer support to convert your current IRA to a new gold IRA

Investing in Silver and Gold Bars and Coins

They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Goldco Is Rated A+


Minimum investment is $25000.

Goldco Customer Reviews

Happy Customers Goldco ReviewCustomer Review For GoldcoGoldco Customer Review

Watch How Goldco Will Protect Your Retirement Savings

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The most popular coins include...

Saints Gaudens Gold Coin

Saints Gaudens

Helena Gold Sovereign

2022 St. Helena Sovereign

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Gold American Bald Eagle

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2018 The Rise Crown Guinea

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2016 .25oz British Gold





Is Goldco Direct Really A Reliable Company?

Goldco's High Rating

Goldco is highly recommended by top gold company IRA investment experts for a variety of reasons. It is an established gold IRA investment company. This company has been a strong player in the industry for many years.

Three easy steps to setting up a self-directed IRA:

First, we help you open your new IRA account with a quick application;

Second, you'll decide how to fund it, and

Third, we'll assist you in choosing the metals that best fit your investment goals and ship them to your account.


Real-life professional portfolio advice for asset diversification.

Bullion storage and vaulting that is safe and insured.

There are nearly five-star ratings across all significant review sites.

Answers to all inquiries from beginners, average phone consultations of one hour (free).

For a smooth setup, all the documentation and communication were provided.

They have a streamlined, speedy, and simple purchasing process.

Real client feedback and evaluations were skillfully included on their website.

The website is incredibly user-friendly and informational.

Expert sales people take pleasure in never putting pressure on potential customers.

Customer support representatives are kind and helpful.

Listed by a number of prominent rating websites as one of the top 3 precious metals brokers.

Highly experienced consultants.

Excellent clientele service.


Customers rarely express dissatisfaction with a product or service in consumer complaints.

There is a price premium for some coins (mainly silver proof coins).

Buy Back Guarantee

Goldco Is Guaranteed

With the knowledge that Goldco offers a buy back program with the greatest price guarantee in case your circumstances change, you may acquire your precious metals with assurance. The company is pleased to now offer extra security and comfort with your purchase in addition to the greatest precious metals they can find for you.


When the stock market had plummeted in the past, gold and silver had appreciated in value and shielded investors from devastating losses. Since there is an IRS loophole that permits adding physical gold, silver, or other precious metals to retirement savings, experienced investors have used gold and silver to act as insurance policies for decades.

You actually just have paper money and bank receipts with your banking and online financial systems alone, so what else can physical gold and silver do for you?

At Goldco, they are there to help you safeguard and develop your life savings. Two ways that their experts help you purchase direct actual gold and silver to help you move or roll over money from your current retirement account into a self-directed IRA.

With more than a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our process is quick, easy, and free.

The team at Goldco is still devoted to assisting people like you in protecting and enhancing their retirement assets.

Goldco's Stew Peters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I able to purchase precious metals without an IRA?

  • Yes. Goldco offers a broad range of precious metals services. We can assist you in purchasing gold and other precious metals and deliver them safely to your destination.

  • Do you allow home storage of precious metals?

  • No. According to IRS regulations, you are not allowed to store your IRA precious metals at home or in a regular safety deposit box. Each customer's precious metals must be kept separate at the storage facility, and access must be restricted. This makes certain that the metals you bought are given back to you (or cashed in), fulfilling legal distribution requirements.

  • How can I keep the precious metals in my IRA secure?

  • Each precious metal that you purchase will be kept in a safe vault at an insured depository. According to the IRS, a custodial financial institution must retain and manage the physical metals used to fund your gold and silver IRA accounts.

  • What is the time window for rolling over my IRA?

  • less than two weeks, on average. However, because every application is different, the precise time it takes to roll over differs. Our Specialists will assist you in gathering and completing all the required paperwork for your rollover and can also give you an idea of how long it will take for your particular rollover.

  • How may I sell the gold or silver that is currently in my IRA?

  • For customers who want to withdraw money from their accounts, Goldco offers a repurchase program. Additionally, your expert can assist you in selling on the metals market.

  • When may a standard IRA be converted into a gold IRA?

  • Rollovers of IRAs normally take two weeks to complete. Processing times for Goldco applications fluctuate from case to case because each one is unique.

  • Who can open a silver or gold IRA?

  • It can generally be obtained by anyone who has earned an income.

  • What is the earliest date that my Goldco gold IRA can be withdrawn?

  • At age 59 1/2, either you or the account's beneficiary may begin taking withdrawals from your gold and silver IRA without incurring penalties.

  • What form(s) of distributions are available to me?

  • Depending on the metals of your choice, dividends from your Precious Metals could come in the form of palladium, platinum, silver, or gold in physical form. Goldco will assist you in turning your precious metals into cash if that is how you wish to accept payment.

  • Do the precious metals prices I purchase for my IRA have a guarantee?

  • Precious metals' future value, like all investments, is uncertain and is subject to changes due to a variety of market factors.

    About Goldco

    For more than 10 years, Goldco, a pioneer in the precious metals sector, has helped clients safeguard their retirement savings. A Goldco Specialist can assist you in maintaining your assets with a precious metals IRA if you have a TSP, 403(b), 401(k), savings account, or other tax-favored retirement plans.

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    2017 Great Britain 1.4oz Gold Year of the Rooster

    2017 Great Britain 1.4oz Gold Year of the Rooster

    2016 Great Britain 1.4oz Gold Year of the Monkey

    2016 Great Britain 1.4oz Gold Year of the Monkey

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint .25oz Gold Eagle

    2017 Royal Canadian Mint Gold Eagle

    2015 Canadian .25oz Gold Polar Bear and Cub

    2015 Canadian Gold .25oz Cub and Polar Bear

    Silver And Gold Individual Retirement Accounts Are A Specialty Of Goldco.

     The rules governing precious metals IRAs, crucial considerations for investors, and IRS-approved investment possibilities are all explained by Goldco. The quality of customer service offered by Goldco is regularly mentioned in client reviews.

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